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old TV transferred to HD from camera negative

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To tell you the truth, I'm not sure what this obsession is with taking shows that were made under old TV standards and trying to make them look like current TV standards.

Can't we just accept the fact that shows made in the 1980's are going to look different from ones made in 2009? Why must we insist on trying to remaster them to high definition standards,
Actually The Twilight Zone a show from 1959-1960 (season 1)
was telecined
The full-frame transfers, done in high-definition from the original [camera] negatives, look gorgeous.
they were never meant to be seen on anything more substantial than an 11" Zenith. Even on a large RPTV [rear projection HDTV] they look great.
from The Twilight Zone - The Definitive Edition DVD review

Mr. Laser Beam posted a month ago that The Twilight Zone will be released in high definition on Blu-ray in 2010.

They aren't necessarily making them look like current standards CoveTom they are simply presenting what the Director and Director of Photography captured with light and shadow on the actual film. It was always there. The kinescopes of 1959 were crude technology compared with 2k telecines of today which have a huge dynamic range = more levels of greyscale.
Dynamic range in photography describes the ratio between the maximum and minimum measurable light intensities (white and black, respectively).

The high end HD telecine machines have 14-bit analog-to-Digital conversion such as Philips SPIRIT 2. This allows for an extended dynamic range which can capture 12-14 f-stops of dynamic range that is represented on the camera negative (especially for outdoor sunny scenes).
Way back in 1959 the crude kinescope technology did not have that kind of dynamic range and only a narrow amount of dynamic range was seen on television. In other words it looked contrastier because the shadows went black and the highlights just went white.

If you see the 2004 Twilight Zone DVD which is made from the HD telecine it looks pretty good. More resolution on a Blu-ray release will allow for a better greyscale range and line sharpness which makes for a better visual presentation.

As with TOS-R we saw that using the original camera negative allowed TOS to look as good as it does visually (photographically) and TNG could look as good as the original medium (35mm film) captured it.
With ENT using a scene from an old TNG episode from May 1990 and retelecining it to HD in 2005 and even cropping it you can see how much better the overall sharpness, depth, and color accuracy are.
The excellent article shows how they did and and has the images side by side to see.
Re-Used TNG Scenes in ENT: "These Are The Voyages"
A comparison and a "preview" of TNG Remastered - by Jörg Hillebrand and Bernd Schneider

although as
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Generations plunged the "space hotel" into darkness, presumably in part to hide the wear and tear to the seven year old sets.
It would appear when you look at the ex-astris-scientia article that when telecined to HD it looks even well, brighter. At least more neutral and less contrasty than the TNG DVDs which makes the ENT-D interiors look more like a hotel.

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