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Re: Karate Kid remake - production photos released.

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I'll speak for myself here but I can't be alone. I'm sick of seeing less original fare.
Why aren't you sick of Broadway coming out with constant revivals (that's what I consider most of these movies to be also) of every old musical under the fracking sun? I've seen the same amount on Broadway and in the theater districts of Toronto (a recent version of Fiddler On The Roof with Harvey Fierstein as Tevye comes to mind.) Why do we need to see another revival of Hair or Godspell? Why another version of Oklahoma with Hugh Jackman in it? Why a recent revival of The Threepenny Opera with a black Canadian actress as Pirate Jenny? Just because they can make one with a person of color? (the same also applies to the revival of Man Of La Mancha with Brian Stokes Mitchell as Cervantes/Quixote, and a TV production for KBS in Korean.) Why not some new musicals, like what Disney did with High School Musical I & High School Musical II & III (which now has many teens wanting to be Broadway triple threats)? Or like Joss Whedon's neo-classics Once More With Feeling or Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long?

As another said are they really going to remake everything from '39-'89 that had/has a built in name recognition? Seems so. Short Circuit is even being redone. Predator is shooting now. Robocop has been in redevelopment the last few years.
Same with most Broadway musicals; I'll bet you that there's a remake/revival of Miss Saigon in the offing right now at the offices of some production company, along with a revival of The Rocky Horror Show to come later...

Heck Avatar is a retread of a common theme(ie Dances with Wolves, ST:Insurrection) but at least its trying to feel different by marketing it as a visual extravaganza vs story worth hearing(again). Not that I care to see it but its trying.
To you Avatar's story is overdone; actually, it's a timeless classic tale that has meaning now in the real world with what's happening in Indonesia to the Penan people and the Sarawak rainforests; the character of Jake Sully can be considered a version of the real life activist Bruno Manser who fought for the Penan people much like Jake does for the Na'vi in the movie.

How about if they want to remake movies they take box office duds and rework those into something fresh. Seeing as how the property was done poorly the first time it leaves all the room in the world to rework and add to the script making it something better.
A box office dud is a box office dud-there's no way in hell a corporation will finance a remake of a movie that failed (although I wouldn't mind seeing a film version of the 1998 version of Lost In Space with an all-black cast and a better script-I like it, though.) All that we'll get is the recent version of Battlestar Galactica, it seems.

My guess is that in another 10yrs(minimum) some studio will be talking about remaking Rocky, Rambo, Indiana Jones, Die Hard and Terminator. Now those are some holy ground franchises but like DC Comics who never passes up a chance to redo a Crisis every 5yrs those too are bound for remakes.
To paraphrase an old quote, 'There is nothing new under the sun'. And most revivals (film & theater) usually do happen in that time space; most of the time, it's 20 or 30 years (the length of time it took to make remakes in the past-Lost Horizon & The Wages Of Fear come to mind.) Just as you don't mind all of those Broadway revivals, you shouldn't be risking a heat attack over these Hollywood remakes: they will stand or fall due to their own merits or demerits.

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The boy can't act.
All he has to act like is as a boy-which he is-and the rest will come easy.

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