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Re: Rumor that will cause me not to see the sequel!

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Sorry, I just don't view Khan as being the forefront villain of Star Trek the way that the Joker is for Batman.
Well, he is.

"The Klingons" aren't a villain. They're just a bunch of stock bad guys who folks are confused about because of TNG. Khan translates into a very specific image for mainstream folks who are aware of Trek at all, and that's Ricardo Montalban facing off with William Shatner in that Trek movie with Kirstie Alley.


There is no Klingon character in the history of Trek that approaches this level of recognition, and announcing that in the next movie Kirk will fight Klingons buys the studio nothing in terms of cutting through media noise. It's like saying that next time out Batman will fight some bank robbers hiding out in an abandoned warehouse.
But as I said in a post above, the elements that made Khan KHAAAAAAN in TWOK don't exist in this new timeline/universe.
In Space Seed, Khan is obviously a brilliant and dangerous man, but beyond that, not all that outstanding or memorable (SS is a solid episode, but it's not like it's in every fan's top five list of most memorable stories).

When they first meet, Khan had nothing personal against Kirk. But his personal vendetta against Kirk is what drove TWOK and made him so wonderfully twistedly villainous.
In other words, is it really worthwhile to long for the Khan of Space Seed?
Will something put him over the edge in this universe? Will something make him go after Kirk to the point of becoming irrational about it? How will it ever be more poignant than what drove him in TWOK? And, how could it done in a way that keeps it from being derivative of Nero, who (in the first place) was essentially a blue collar version of Khan focused on Spock instead of Kirk?

I tend to agree with Wormhole, here. I'd say if they want to go in the super-villain direction, let's see them create a character (Klingon would be fine) for the next movie who will be remembered and shelved on the same level as TWOK Khan.
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