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Re: Rumor that will cause me not to see the sequel!

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In marketing terms, the logic of using him in the second Trek movie is not unlike the logic of using the Joker in "The Dark Knight."
Sorry, I just don't view Khan as being the forefront villain of Star Trek the way that the Joker is for Batman. Ask John Everyman or Average Joe who the villains of Star Trek are, and they're more likely to say Klingons, or possibly Romulans as opposed to Khan. And since Romulans have already been used in XI, Klingons are the more logical choice for XII.
Agreed. In fact, what I really don't want to see is them trying to capitalize on Dark Knight by throwing in Khan as Kirk's arch nemesis as it would be so obvious and see through that I'd be quite annoyed. I am intrigued by what they have been mentioning about space itself being the enemy or something similar.
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