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Re: Adobe the year 2009's most hacked software

Well, lets make sure that we look at this post in the correct order...
Joy To The World wrote:
After the prodding of the folks here a few months back, I just buckled down and used GIMP. Haven't had one single thing that I have not been able to do.
Followed by...
Whether you use it professionally or not, Photoshop is not worth how much it cost. The reason people pay for it is because they know they can turn right around and charge their customers for having it. The people that use it do so because of style over substance. They know that their clients want someone that uses Photoshop not GIMP or some other program they have never heard of.

People use Photoshop because they have to because it is the industry standard. It is a verb now. No one says photo edit, they say photoshop.

Paintshop Pro X2 is $55. Photoshop Elements is $75 which is a drop of $25 the last time I checked. The whole reason that Adobe came out with Elements is because they know Photoshop is way overpriced.
The problem is that you don't have any experience in this area, so how would you know?

No one has ever asked me if I have Photoshop. And it paid for itself (in my case) back in 1997, and has been a valuable tool for making a living ever since.

No one asks any of my clients if they use Photoshop... why would they? There is nothing special about Photoshop that their clients would need to request. The only question about applications any of my clients get asked is if they are using InDesign or QuarkXPress, and that is for going to press/print and isn't asked by their clients.

But you were asking around a Trek forum about this only a few months ago... how would you know enough about what goes on in professional graphic design circles to make such a statement?

But I've said to many people that if they can't tell the difference between Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, then they really shouldn't be paying the difference. Of course I don't know many people who buy Photoshop by itself any more, most buy the whole creative suite (which was how QuarkXPress lost it's dominant position to InDesign). But they aren't the same, and I know from personal experience in helping people who only had Photoshop Elements (when I go to do something I normally do in Photoshop and it isn't there in Elements).

Santa Claus wrote:
C'mon, now, the rolleyes is unnecessary.
Sure it was... you're just taking it WAY too personally.

Lighten up.

Anyhoo, I've used Photoshop Elements, and I much prefer PSP X2 over PSE any day. Probably more personal preference than anything, but the tool layouts are more intuitive with PSP, and for a scant $59 I have a lot of control and flexibility over my images.
Personal preferences are a perfectly good reason to use any software. And don't ever let anyone tell you differently.

I have (and know how to use quite well) InDesign, QuarkXPress, PageMaker and FrameMaker... and yet when I want to throw together a document I turn to Create (an application made by a friend of mine). I also have (and know how to use quite well) Illustrator and CorelDraw... and yet when I want to draw some illustrations I turn to Create (again). I have (and know how to use quite well) GoLive and Dreamweaver (along with a ton of other HTML editors)... and yet when I want to throw together a quick page I turn to Create (again).

If I have to do professional stuff, I'll break out the professional tools... but for most daily stuff I can get along quite well within two applications, Photoshop and Create. For me Photoshop was paid for more than a decade ago, I only upgrade in extreme cases (I'm currently using Photoshop CS because I haven't needed more), and Create was paid for 8 years ago and I get free upgrades for life.


So I don't see any reason why people should just use what they want to use (as those are the tools that are the most useful). But at the same time I find people saying no one needs Photoshop (or any other application for that matter) just because they personally don't need/use it to be rather bizarre.

Software shouldn't be a popularity contest people. Use what works for you and stop worrying about what your next door neighbor is using. These aren't sports teams, these are tools... and not every tool is the right fit for every person.

And don't pirate software and don't do drugs!
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