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Re: TOS-Remastered: a waste of time

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(Warning! Disappointed fan’s rant and rave)

Having seen a few episodes of TOS-Remastered (only now finally on in the UK, to coincide with the DVD release of STXI), and ‘skipped ahead’ and seen FX clips of later episodes on YouTube, I have reached a conclusion: It’s a complete waste of time and effort. If you’re gonna keep everything so close to the original, why bother at all?
Yet another fan who doesn't know what "remastered" means.

You start a threat about how the "remastered episodes" disappointed you, yet don't actually mention anywhere in the post the remastered film. You know, the part actually remastered. The new FX are new FX. They have nothing to do with the remastered video. I watch remastered Star Trek on blu-ray with the original special FX.

"Remastered" and "new FX" are two different things.

It’s *far* too slavish to the original. Where’s the detail on the Enterprise? Where are the phaser banks? Torpedo launchers? Thrusters? Blemishes? Hull plating? I’m not saying re-imagine the ship, but a little bit of USS Kelvin-style hull detail would have made the world of difference.
The point wasn't to change anything. The point was to, except for a few indulgences, make what basically amounts to high-definition versions of the original FX. The point was to keep all of the original intent.

And, for that matter, the new FX were not the point of remastering the series. The series was remastered to preserve the film. The new FX were added just to spice it up, certainly not to be the main course. The whole point of Star Trek remastered was the HD transfer, something you're not going to see from youtube clips. Everything else was just icing on the cake.
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