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Re: Adobe the year 2009's most hacked software

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He wanted his Adobe to work and it was my job to make it work.

What happened when you attempted to recreate the problem on another system?

I assume when you talk about being a pain in the arse to support that you have more than one client using Adobe software. And that finding the root of the issue would be important enough to recreate the issue to find a solution that doesn't require toasting all your client's systems every time an issue with an application arises.

I find it both hard to believe and a little sad that Adobe products work so poorly on Windows. I was under the impression that Adobe considered the Windows platform quite important.
Fortunately I only had one client who used CS (he'sa laywer, lots of money, smart guy and liked to play with things) and basically all the stuff on his computer meant I that it wasn't possible to duplicate the setup of the system and when you come down the nuts and bolts of, how do you duplicate an error when it comes up with an error when you open the program and then crashes out.

Same when trying to deactivate. It was one of those tihngs where were a google search turns up numerous occurances but not much in the way of actual solutions.

I'd give you more details but it's been 12 months since I've worked hands on with that client's system (2 months+ without problems and 9 months since moved oversears).
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