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Re: Adobe the year 2009's most hacked software

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Whether one likes Photoshop or not, it is severely overpriced.
And not meant for everyone... something which seems to be continuously overlooked here.

I use Paintshop Pro X2, and have used PSP since at least v7. $59 is more than fair for the capabilities this software has, and if it were in Adobe's hands, the price would be triple that with no added benefit, just like what they did to Cool Edit Pro 2.
Well, I think a better question has to be what does Paintshop Pro X2 offer that Photoshop Elements (at nearly the same price) doesn't?

The only people I know who use the full version of Photoshop are those who use it professionally (as in it is an important tool in how they make money). Everyone else I know uses Photoshop Elements because it does everything they need. Professional tools for professional people, hobby tools for those who just like to play around.

Of course if Photoshop Elements were in Adobe's hands, the price would be triple what it is now with no added benefit. Lets hope that never happens.
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