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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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We're talking about special effects, which would have to be redone from scratch like with the TOS special effects.
Yes, I understand that, and that makes it less straightforward than TOS remastered. But the film is more detailed than you see on the standard definition versions. It would be criminal to let the film age and deteriorate.

And again, the SD version isn't going anywhere.

That's not closer to the original, that's something else entirely.
It will be closer to what the film actually looks like, something you can't see in SD.

It sucks that the producers f*cked themselves and us by mastering to videotape, but it is what it is. It would still be ridiculous to let the film continue to deteriorate.
CoveTom wrote: View Post
To tell you the truth, I'm not sure what this obsession is with taking shows that were made under old TV standards and trying to make them look like current TV standards.

Can't we just accept the fact that shows made in the 1980's are going to look different from ones made in 2009?
You seem to be under the misconception that remastering an old show or movie in HD is adding something to the old show to make it look more modern. This is exactly the opposite of what it means.

The old shows and movies on film are already in high-definition. They are, in fact, even more clear and defined than any HD TV will show you. The point of remastering an old show or movie in HD is to preserve the detail that's already there. That's what so many people don't seem to get. It's about preserving the show. When you say, "Can't we leave it as it originally is?" -- that's the whole idea, to save the original film before it deteriorates forever.
Are we next going to be trying to make a high definition version of I Love Lucy?
It's an iconic American series that absolutely should be preserved before it deteriorates and is gone forever, don't you think?
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