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Re: Adobe the year 2009's most hacked software

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Good thing to - otherwise it would cost them twice as much given the thing is pain in the arse to support and I've had to wipe a client's system a couple of times becase Adobe CS fucked up (though in this instance it was a legal copy of CS just not a very reliable one).
Wow... that is a curious statement.

I've been using Photoshop since the early 90s and have been providing tech support for both independent graphic designers, graphic design houses and magazines for more than a decade now and have never (not once) wiped a client's system because of an Adobe product (or any single application that I can recall either). How does an application take a system to that point of no return?
becasue it wouldn't run and it wasn't possible to uninstall it and re-install to repair the problem (couldn't even deactivate). He wanted his Adobe to work and it was my job to make it work.

Now given the amount of development stuff that the person put on this machine I will admit it's quite possible that he loaded something on that broke Adobe and it cascaded or that fact it was a Sony Vaio with Toshiba hard disks could of played a role.

But I've never been one to take the wipe/reinstall approach unless I absolutely have to but in this case it was necessary and as I was paid a fixed monthly fee it spending 10 hours rebuilding the computer didn't make me any more money so it wasn't something I was doing to pad my invoice.
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