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The production quality of episodes in the second and third seasons is generally sloppier than the first. The photography is often grainier, softer (with many missed focus cues), and not as expressively lit.
This is reflected in the restorations, perhaps more so than was visible in TV broadcasts of the past.

Just compare the restored version of 'The Cage' to any other episode in this set, and you can't help but be struck by the difference in production values.

The Cage Extended Version (SD, 71 min.)
The episode was reconstructed for the first time in the late 1980s by cutting the 'Menagerie' scenes together with footage from Gene Roddenberry's personal 16mm black & white reference print of the original episode.
only in standard definition!?! they could have telecined it in HD and put it on in HD.

Where No Man Has Gone Before Alternate Version (HD, 53 min.)
The episode is presented only with its original special effects, and has not been Remastered like the other episodes.
season 3 Blu-ray review
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