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Re: Star Trek: Restoration - Onyx


Wow, thanks for such an effusive review! So glad you enjoyed it, I wasn't entirely happy with it when I posted, so glad it worked.

That first section was definitely a juggling act, but was so important - basically, the moment I started writing that scene, the rest came pretty easily. It was my way into the story, I guess. Still, difficult to show what was happening and yet leave it vague, so that you neither feel too much was given away, nor that it doesn't correspond to what has happened when we eventually get back to this scene later on.

Not sure if what I just wrote made any sense, but hey...

As to what Voyager has to do with it... We'll be seeing more about that in the next chapter - but watch for it carefully or you may miss it.


Glad you enjoyed the opening as well. We'll see whether Sarine and the others survive...

If you'd like to share your theory in a pm, I'd love to know whether you're right.

Thanks to you both for your comments,

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