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new visual effects backgrounds & planets

Maxonís Cinema 4D were used to recreate backgrounds in high definition for release of the original Star Trek television series on Blu-ray Disc. Relying primarily on Cinema 4Dís BodyPaint 3D texturing capabilities, acclaimed matte painter Max Gabl worked closely with CBS Digital over the course of nearly two years to restore and update visual effects for the legendary í60s series.

Working under the direction of Star Trek: The Next Generation art director Michael Okuda, longtime Star Trek producer Dave Rossi, and visual effects supervisor Neil Wray, Gabl was tasked with elevating production values across all 54 episodes, which contain many original shots that were filmed with very simple lighting setups and hastily painted and poorly lit backdrops. Gabl deployed BodyPaint 3D as a core software application to bring the look of backgrounds up to present-day high-definition standards, recreating 33 establishing shots and scene extensions, as well as 47 planets and several paintings of nebulae and other planetary system objects.

...the planets rendered at 4000x4000 pixels. While Gabl worked on planets and establishing shots, another team of modelers, animators and texture artists worked almost exclusively on a new CGI version of the fictional starship, Starship Enterprise.

Maxon Cinema 4D Takes Blu-ray Star Trek Out of This World

We haven't heard much about the CBS Digital people but it is nice to know they had a little outside expert help on the new visual effects.

The article has a little more info but above is the good stuff.
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