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Re: Star Trek: Restoration - Onyx

WOW. That's some way to end a writer's block.

I read the whole first section with my hand covering my wide-open mouth, I kid you not. And what I'm thinking happened probably didn't even happen, you left it so tantalizingly vague!

And then the whole bit with Kalara and Damien and Kane and Ianto was just so, so well done. The nightmare, and then Kalara's bed was empty and I'm thinking the worst has happened but then he's just sitting there typing a story and they love each other ... and her horror at seeing Ianto in Kane ... wow, this was perfect.

And now, Voyager? What's Voyager got to do with this? I'm so glad you have more written, because I am utterly hooked. I was before, too, but I really, truly have to find out what happens now.

ETA: Oh! And I have to comment on this, too -- Soong-class Androids laughing are creepy enough, thanks to Lore ... but a Soong-class Android laughing as filtered through a weird, glowing-eyed redheaded 27th century Borg drone? Shudder.
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