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TNG Caption This #165 - "The Droid Always Wins"

That's all for contest #164, and it's time to announce THE WINNERS!!!

For the first image, we have:

scottyclaus wrote: View Post

Worf: "Captain Baldy over there is transferring O'Brien and I over to DS9."

Ro and Geordi: "Take Keiko, too! Take Keiko, too!"
And for the second,

Alrik wrote: View Post

DATA: "Think this is impressive? You should see what I can do playing poker........probably should not have said that."

With photoshop winner:

Shatmandu wrote: View Post

Growling Voiceover Guy: "Tonight's episode of Staaar Trek: TheNextGeneration is brought to you by Budweiser. Buuuudweiser, the King of Beeeeers!"
Well done to everyone who entered!!

This contest's images are as follows. MORBO DEMANDS CAPTIONS.

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