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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

^ Actually, I Love Lucy was a bad example. Most shows of that era were not well preserved. However, Desi Arnaz insisted that I Love Lucy be shot on film. They also had a well respected cinematographer who gave them very high quality lighting for a TV sitcom. So it holds up better than most and probably could survive the transition to high definition quite well, and with comparatively little effort.

However, my point was simply that shows are a product of their time and one area that shows up is in the quality of the picture. That doesn't detract from the enjoyment for me. Sure, if they were to put alot of 1980's shows on HD televisions, you would see alot of flaws in their picture quality. That's no different than how shows that were originally preserved through kinescope look on our modern SD televisions. Most people just accept that they look that way because of when they were made and move on.

Sure, if they wanted to invest the time and money to make TNG look glorious in HD, I'd be okay with that. But they don't have to do that for me to continue to enjoy it, regardless of how much modern technology marches on.
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