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Re: I finally watched Firefly! (SPOILERS)

I'm late to the party, as usual; however, I felt the need to comment on this show since I've seen so many comments on this board about the series, that Joss Whedon person, etc.

First, I watched the movie Serenity. I found it interesting and with a good plot. So, I decided, based on the Netflix recommendation, to put the Firefly series in my queue. This past weekend I watched the first three DVDs and was absolutely enamored with the concept -- outer space colonization with an Old West style influence combined with smugglers who have morals. I found the characters to be well written and with interesting backgrounds and excellent interaction. I think Jayne is my favorite The concept of the series is (was) well executed and wasn't the typical Sci-Fi technobabble fanboy dorkiness. The premise was versatile enough that any average-Joe would have commented "Oooh, that's cool" on the Sci-Fi elements. What I really liked was that any explosions, collisions, or gun shots that took place in outer space was all done in complete quiet! FINALLY, someone has keyed in on the fact that sound won't travel out there.

Anyway, it's a shame this series didn't last. Then again, TV audiences seem to be hooked on the craptacular (Reality TV). Perhaps Stephen King was on to something with his Running Man story.
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