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Re: Movies Seen in 2009


- Okay I guess...maybe Fellini isn't for me...didn't find the story all that interesting and the narrator was actually kind of annoying.

Poltergeist - Well made movie but the standards of what is "scary" must have changed as much as the standards for good SFX because it doesn't really hold up in either regard.

*Every Little Step - Highly recommended. Much better than the movie version of A Chorus Line (this is a documentary of the Broadway revival).

A Woman in Berlin - Fucking depressing movie, but well made.

Fellini Satyricon - Yes, I decided to experiment with a couple Fellini movies in the queue. This one is only marginally watchable but kind of fun in a freak-show way. Works out ok on DVD because you can just hit fast-forward when it gets overly tedious.

Funny People - Gugh. Don't bother. Tries for that comedy-in-tragedy thing Sandler did much better in Punch-Drunk Love, but this just flops.

Z - Interesting for historical reasons, I guess.

The Plan - For BSG completists only. Didn't tell me anything about the Cylon's moronic "plan" that I didn't already know or at least suspect. But it was cool seeing more about Sam and his merry band of sports team/insurgents on Caprica and the establishing scenes for the various Colonial worlds were fascinating. I'd rather just watch a pre-nuke travelogue of the Colonies.

Night at the Museum 2
- I knew it would be stoopid, and it was, but also fun. If you don't mind humor aimed at eight year olds, check it out.

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