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Re: What are some good soft sci-fi books?

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On the classic side, check out Theodore Sturgeon, John Wyndham, Ursula K. LeGuin, H. G. Wells, etc. More modern: Peter Hamilton, Tony Daniel, Neal Asher . . . .
Given the OP's starting point on how interested (or rather, not interested) he is in the science, I'm not sure Peter Hamilton's what he's looking for. Even Neal puts a lot of effort into explaining the hard science of the runcibles any time it becomes important (in so far as you can with any FTL situation).
For modern stuff, I'd suggest David Feintuch's Seafort books - they're at the Trek-ish sort of level of 'The FTL fusion drive exists, it has these limitations, and hence consequences which impact on how the characters live their lives, and that's it in terms of the physics'.

Scalzi's Old Man's War series is a good suggestion, as his science is very important, but not until you've got used to it all, and he then springs a gob-smacking unexpected consequence on the reader.
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