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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

From Ad Astra:

Glorious. Simply glorious. The detail. The execution of the plan. The intricacy of the different stages and the variances in responses. All make for a great action sequence as this tale continues to play out impressively. All the while maintaining its unique Cardassian voice and feel. Everything is couched and skewed through a Cardassian lens, and it makes for an extraordinary reading experience. Berat, Macet and Mike are such heroes one roots for them in all earnest and we cheer when the plan goes right. Terrific and absorbing.

Caw blimey! It's over and right enough when they reach the nebula what then? a brutal battle and brilliantly realised throughout and brought to a climatic end with a brutal underlining as the forces turn on the planet and eradicate all that is left. The Cardassian ways certainly are no the Federation ways. But coldly it does make sense and I imagine it really pain Macet and Berat to take this action.
Wonderful combat scene - brilliantly conveyed and more wonderful too for the technical details would read right and the view through the engineering eyes of Berat. Exceedingly well crafted moves and actions and fitting descriptions to go with and all grounded in Berat's engineering knowledge and of course in a very Cardassian way.
And still we have Mike taking the guns and giving us a human insight into the Cardassian way of things. Brilliantly done Nerys.
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