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I'm disturbed by the apparent boiler-plate insults, chiding and belittling many of you have for anyone who dares question the movie. Gives the impression gushing praise is all that's allowed here. [...]

Every time I come into this forum I see few if any new threads. I'd think there'd be tons. Maybe it's this "love it or we'll call you names" mentality that is silencing discussion.
It's perfectly ok around here not to like the movie. We have several posters here that didn't like the movie, have said so, and then moved on.

The problem was with some people that went over and over and over again writing nothing but pages after pages about how every single thing about the movie was bad, terrible, lazy, unholy and evil.

We are not talking about "meh-it-sucked" criticism. We are talking about "foaming-at-the-mouth-writing-hundred-thousands-words-rants" criticism. It became a little stale after a while. Probably it's not fair to people coming and offering honest-to-God-criticism to get bashed now, but just so you understand where some people are coming.
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