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Re: Cast the Characters of Trek Literature

Same here, which is why I try to cast as many characters as I possibly can. It makes it easier for me to "watch the movie".
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Yeah -- Mako is my Nogura now. I used to go with James Shigeta, who played Nogura in a fan film I read about in Starlog once, and who I think was considered for the role in an early part of the TMP or Phase II development process. But Mako is a much better idea.

Now if only Dave or Dayton and Kevin would write a scene where Nogura says the word "samurai"... or speaks lovingly about tea...
I feel like I should recognize that reference, but it's not coming to me.
Whenever I think of Mako, I think of the different roles he played in M*A*S*H. I know I've seen him in alot of other good stuff, but I love M*A*S*H* so they've always stuck with me.
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