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They've turned Trek into something sexy, edgy, flawed and totally unfamiliar...they can blame [Abrams] for making it impossible to go back.

Sexy: Bill Theiss designs were not sexy? Mini-skirts were not sexy?
Edgy: It's a relative term but in 1966, one year after the Civil Rights Act passed, there were women and minorities seen in positions of power on the show. For example, we think nothing of seeing Richard Daystrom being black, today. Back then, who knows what some people thought about a black actor playing a brilliant computer scientist?
Flawed: The third season is not called the "turd" season by some for nothing.
Totally unfamiliar: As opposed to the look of TMP compared to TOS? Or TWOK compared to TMP or TOS?

As far as not being able to go back goes, no. Shatner and Nimoy are nearly octogenarians. Kelley is gone. Doohan is gone. So much of the TNG time period has been used up there's nothing new to go back to.
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