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Re: What channel should a new Trek TV series be on?

I just came across this:
An article on scifiheaven about ST: Voyager from September 2009
Today, Deep Space Nine would be shown on HBO. Voyager, on the CW. UPN – the network airing Voyager back in the day – used the show as their flagship. They steered their network image very much away from sensitive drama towards a more open, accessible youth demographic. Jeri Ryan’s casting was a testament to that ...

Really HBO having DS9? I don't think so.
Voyager on the CW because of what youth characters? A 24 year old blond female with very prominent breasts via a catsuit?
I think we know that SevenofNine was put on the show for the male demographics...
And Naomi Wildman was a child not a teenager. I really disliked her character in general but hey they want the family friendly viewers...
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