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Re: Dollhouse: ep 2x9/2x10-Stop Loss&The Attic Grading,Comments SPOIL

The only thing that I wish was a bit more consistent, was the pacing of time, and a visual/audible reference to what the date is (more often, that is). That's something that lets me get into the story some, oddly enough, especially when many of the episodes seem to take place within days (if not hours) of each other. I wish some of Rossum's plans surfaced a bit earlier, but take what you can get, I guess.


As for "Epitaph One" being in the attic? It's possible, Joss has done other interviews for this series that says something goes one way, while it actually went another way. I think it's real though, considering what we saw. I think the real mistake is probably that "Epitaph One" is set in 2019, a few years earlier would probably have made more sense, unless Armageddon was several years earlier, and 2019 portrays things as if that's what a good chunk of the words population know life as what we saw,
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