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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

You're very right about Macet--he very much IS a soldier. Thoughtful, but pragmatic. I dunno if you remember him well from "The Wounded," but Marc Alaimo very much portrayed him that way. His speech and mannerisms are VERY different from Dukat--very direct when he speaks (a very level, not melodramatic tone), very controlled when he acts (not swaggering, but sometimes kinda marching from place to place...very much a soldier's mannerisms--it's more...he sees where he wants to go and he gets from point A to point B in the most direct, expedient manner possible). He was even controlled to the point of removing himself from the bridge when he was angry at Picard for not helping his people quickly enough, rather than doing the Dukat thing and going off in Picard's face. Given the extreme control that Mr. Alaimo seems to have over his nonverbal cues, I think this had to be very deliberate on his part and to me, it really informs how I write the character.

Now, personally...I know Macet wasn't judging the Starfleeters. I would say he genuinely felt bad when he saw the look on Spirodopoulos' face and realized what position he'd almost put him and the other Starfleeters in. But you're right, not everyone was privy to what Spirodopoulos and Folani saw.

On the other hand, it might be good that Ensign Folani was there too, and not just Spirodopoulos.

BTW--has anyone caught the historical reference, yet?
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