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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

I liked Macet's dilemma a lot, and his final decision. I think you did a good job balancing the various aspects of his character, keeping him likable and noble (none of the ruthlessness all too common in the ranks of Central Command) while still thinking like a soldier rather than a philosopher, making the decision to think in terms of military objectives. Macet may be a principled man, but he is also a soldier and he acts like one, as he should. Of course, the distinction with certain other military characters is that Macet considers the situation thoughtfully rather than employing violence for its own sake. Still, the Cardassian culture's "Justice Must Be Done, And Bloodily" mentality still poked through ever so slightly, a nice reminder that Macet is not Federation. It was skillfully balanced, though, by the decision to permit the vessels carrying Federation personnel not to participate in the destruction. I wonder what the Starfleet personnel will think of it in the days to come. How will they define Macet's actions, not having our insight into his head ? Was it simple kindness, an acknowledgement of two cultures' separate ideologies despite their kinship here, was it a move carrying a hint of judgement at their hesitance and an affirmation of Cardassia's ways over those of its new Federation allies, or was it simply commanding officer martyrdom that ensures the leader takes the responsibility? Those Starfleeters not there on the bridge with Macet might have endless speculation ahead of them...
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