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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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In general if it is not a comedy you have more dramatic lighting on a feature film than television.
Yes, of course that is certainly true. Then again, the TMP Enterprise was very bright, and the TNG corridor sets were used pretty much unchanged in TFF, complete with the bright lighting.

The Enterprise-D sets were spruced up for the movie, most noticeably the bridge was given the side stations, the captain's chair was raised up, and there was a beefier ceiling, all to make the thing look wider. The native TNG bridge was very much designed to fit on a 4:3 TV screen, whereas the Generations adaptations give it more presence for the widescreen.

I doubt other sets were given much attention - they just turned the lights down and avoided lingering. Engineering, the corridors, sickbay and especially Data's quarters were lit totally differently. They were also able to pack in many more extras, which helped.

But I will say the lighting is beautiful in that film. The scenes in Ten Forward and Picard's quarters with the sunlight streaming in looks amazing every time.

To me First Contact bridge for ENT-E wasn't too dark that it was hugely noticeable from TNG series.
I don't think the lighting is especially dark compared with Generations, but the colour palette is obviously darker, with more brown and battleship grey rather than the tans of the Enterprise-D.
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