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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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I do wonder - Generations plunged the "space hotel" into darkness, presumably in part to hide the wear and tear to the seven year old sets.
I think it's time to see "Generations" again. I'll add it to the Netflix que just to see the lighting styles from the film compared to the TV series.

In general if it is not a comedy you have more dramatic lighting on a feature film than television.

Offtopic: Although CSI (Las Vegas) season 1 had very dramatic lighting. So much so that the Dir. of Photography quit after 9 episodes over 'creative differences' as the producers later wanted the lighting changed to more traditional.
Although it is a show like CSI (original) that really pushed how television could look. See the DVD or Blu-ray for season 1.
To me Heroes (I've only seen season 1), Alias, Mad Men, The X-Files (wide shots only) & CSI (Las Vegas) show television looking more like a feature film visually in mostly the cinematography lighting & camera movements & framings. I'm talking technical aethetics not the story, acting, writing.

I'll check out the ENT-D on Generations...thanks for the reminder.
To me First Contact bridge for ENT-E wasn't too dark that it was hugely noticeable from TNG series.
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