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Re: Dollhouse: ep 2x9/2x10-Stop Loss&The Attic Grading,Comments SPOIL

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For me, "The Attic" felt way too much like a a ripoff of Buffy's "Restless". Hell, I kept waiting for the cheese man to show up somewhere after a while.
Yep. "The Attic" was way too derivative of several other TV series and movies, which handled the same concepts much better. Not only did it pale in comparison as a 'dream' episode to "Restless", it was also at times an inferior rip-off of "The Cell" and the whole concept of the Borg from TNG.

I've been a strong supporter of "Dollhouse" since "Man on the Street". From that episode to episode 12 of season 1 was an amazing run, but the show has been pretty inconsistent since. I think now is when I finally jump off the bandwagon. I'll watch the remaining episodes, but I'm no longer very sad about the show getting axed. It's getting way too bogged down in convoluted plot machinations instead of giving us more of the great character stuff that made me a fan of the show in the first place.
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