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Maybe it's this "love it or we'll call you names" mentality that is silencing discussion.
There's a middle ground between that and the Captain Robert April, The Wormhole, MattJC, xortex types.
Damn it, Aragorn, I've asked you not to do that, and more than once. Cut it out.

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You just probably won't find it on here.
Wrong - there's plenty of middle ground, and plenty of room for people to be critical of the movie or of aspects of it; just look around the forum. Perceived flaws and shortcomings are being pointed out and discussed all the time, and mostly in a perfectly civil and even friendly manner.

As for the blog entry cited in the OP, the main thing I notice about it is that there's nothing it has to say which hasn't already been said dozens of times over; much of the content could have been written even before the movie came out, and some of it isn't about this movie at all (why is he talking about First Contact or Generations, for crying out loud?) It's unfocused, his conclusions aren't all that solid, and as a review, it relies far too much on by-the-numbers sloganeering and one-size-fits-all put-downs. ("Something right out of a Sci-Fi Channel original movie" - yeah, there's an original and scathing critique.) Finally, the date-stamp is telling. Why did he wait until four months after the movie went into general release to post this? Could it be he realized that there just wasn't anything very special about the review?
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