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A massive starship being built on the ground?

A civilization which can control gravity and which can turn matter to energy, squirt it thousands of miles, and turn it back into matter, can build a starship anywhere they damn well please.

This is the FUTURE...and yeah, by that time, they can also dig big honking holes in Iowa that are not there now.
Maybe they should have kept with long-standing Trek tradition and build it in a cave, then.

Any time a Trek episode goes underground I have to work to keep my eyes from rolling.

Technology or not, it just makes more sense for a space vessel to be built in space. I'm sure they'd have the technology to enable that as well. The only reason I can see for why it's on the ground is so Kirk can roll up and stare at it from his motorcycle - another coincidence.

Maybe the canyon was a crater from WW3.
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