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You know, I like the new movie, too, saw it twice, and enjoyed it a lot, and bought the DVD, but even I can see it had problems/issues and was not perfect.

I'm disturbed by the apparent boiler-plate insults, chiding and belittling many of you have for anyone who dares question the movie. Gives the impression gushing praise is all that's allowed here.

It's possible to like the film while still seeing its faults.

A massive starship being built on the ground?
The ridiculous engineering set and its nonsensical "layout," if it has a layout at all. (Where the hell was Uhura when big-hand, numb tongue Kirk found her anyway?)
A glass window on the bridge.
From engineering to bridge via turbolift in 1.5 seconds. (I know, speed of plot)

The appearance, size and weaponry of Nero's ship does not seem to jive with it being a mining ship. I remember reading that there's something out there indicating the weapons are Borg, but that's not mentioned in the movie.

There are valid points on the coincidences mounting up to nearly remarkable levels.

Every time I come into this forum I see few if any new threads. I'd think there'd be tons. Maybe it's this "love it or we'll call you names" mentality that is silencing discussion.

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