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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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We're talking about special effects, which would have to be redone from scratch like with the TOS special effects.
On the contrary, we've established that many of the effects wouldn't have to be recreated from scratch. Optical printing techniques from the 1960s left the visual effects material in Star Trek at a much lower quality than the rest of the material--on the original 35mm negative. That's the technical justification for the new effects in the remastered episodes.

Star Trek: The Next Generation, on the other hand, while originally mastered on video, shot many of its visual effects on 35mm film. These shots would simply have to be rescanned and recomposited to appear, unaltered, in HD. Some of the visual effects on the series (and exactly how many has not been established) were only created at the resoultion of NTSC video. These shots, yes, would have to be redone, although some of these effects have already been recreated at 35mm resolution for the feature films (phaser effects, etc.).

If Star Trek: The Next Generation is ever brought to HD, Paramount may elect to recreate all of the visual effects using modern CGI techniques. But they wouldn't have to.
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