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That Dennis Stines, yeah.

I didn't dictate the finishing or detail of the props. I had a primer-colored prototype which I had assembled, badly, and Mike saw it and was enthusiastic enough to take the project on, refine the design, and get it all done in record time. Everything about the finishing and detailing and electronics are his and Dennis Stine's work, and I'm more than 100% satisfied - I'm thrilled. It's remarkable what talented people do when 1) you don't try to control them and 2) you don't tell them "it has to look exactly like this other thing in this drawing/episode/movie."

Mike also designed and constructed the "inhibitor collar" that Gaitanis wears. We joke that it looks like the Apple iCollar version of that thing the Triskelions used.

There's one working hero gun - not "phaser" - that has internal lighting installed. The others have lenticular decals applied to the sides.

thesovereignman, we're always happy to have more folks participating. We're doing a presentation on the film at Farpoint in Baltimore in about two months - you ever attend those? We do have two more phases of production coming up over the next six to eight months.

After working on this project I'm even more convinced than I was before that people who speak on their own behalf about their "vision" for such are usually gasbags trying take credit for the imagination, inspiration and just plain hard work of other people.

A movie like this is something we do together, and everything we've done belongs to all of us. That said, we need to be quick to credit work and to correct oversights and misimpressions.

I've asked folks to use good judgment about what kind of images and reporting to put online, but ultimately no one has to clear such stuff with me or anyone else.

The photo of the pistols above, BTW, was supplied to me by John Broughton of "Starship Farragut" (he's the marine on the left in the above photo) and originally posted at

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