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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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Yeah, the Mona Lisa would look so much better as a 3D Hologram. Let's just make the hologram and burn the painting, eh?
No, what people are saying is that they'd rather look at the actual Mona Lisa painting that a cheap copy printed on a dot matrix printer. In this case, the actual painting = HD version of film, SD is a cheap copy. You may say you'd like to keep your cheap printed copy of the Mona Lisa because that's the only one you've ever seen and known, but some of us would like to get a glimpse of the actual painting. At least get your analogy straight.

Again, it's not about adding details that aren't there, i.e. turning TNG into a 3D hologram. It's about seeing details that are already there on the film. Your analogy doesn't fit.

I'm sure the original SD versions will still be available. Too many Trekkers would sh*t a brick if they weren't. I wouldn't worry.
Very well put.
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