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Re: VRML Models - Firefly, Falcon, TOS Enterprise

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I like the start you've got going on Serenity, nice image for reference to, I was wondering what you were using. I've been trying to find images like that to no avail, they are either way to small are no where close, where did you find that image? The Falcon and TOS Enterprise is looking good to, what do you use for those?
Okay, "what you were using"?
You mean like LSD or something?? LOL
If you're looking for images like the one I referenced to make Serenity, they're official blueprints - private company sells them... actually I think they worked on the show...
Really nice diagrams.

For the falcon, I just perused all the models... the interior is a blend of guesswork and intuition LOL
The Enterprise is ALL Franz Josef Designs deckplans and Michael McMaster bridge deckplans.

What is it specifically that you want to do?
Maybe I can help.
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