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Timecop stuff

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As mentioned, that's very reminiscent of 'Timecop' (the film and the short-lived series),
and there was a direct-to-video sequel to the 1994 film:
Timecop: The Berlin Decision (2003) (V)
It had a runtime of only 81 minutes and none of the same actors from the first film.

I never heard of a TV series but just searched and here it is:
"Timecop" (1997)
"Timecop" follows the adventures of Jack Logan, a time traveler from 2007, who hunts down rogue travelers and brings them to justice before they can alter the past.
One of the series producers Philip Sgriccia went on to be a supervising producer on the "Supernatural" TV series.
And the Director of Photography from the Timecop TV series went on to be the D.P. of "Dollhouse" (13 episodes, 2009).
Nice that they returned to the SciFi genre...
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