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Re: Michael Eddingtonnnnn....

Eddington was great, and I never really bought into this 'he was just in it for himself' thing that some have raised here. Yes, personal glory was a part of it but if he really had been that selfish he would never have surrendered to Sisko, or gone with him to rescue the Maquis 'missiles'.

The only problems I have with him come from before his time with the Maquis; we never knew what his own personal motivations were for joining them, and whether or not he'd been working for them all along. "Will knowing my personal motivation change anything at this point?" Well, no, but it might be nice...

Also, he wasn't featured regularly enough for it to be such a big reveal that he was working for them. Aside from a brief mention in Crossfire he hadn't even been seen for over two months by the time of FTC, and any casual viewer probably had no idea who he is. They would have just seen some random nobody saying "I have no feelings about the Maquis" and immediately suspecting him...

And it's not like not seeing Leeta or Kasidy or whoever else for months on end; this guy was a member of the senior staff so there was no reason we shouldn't have seen him every week, especially since he was apparently high enough up the food chain that Sisko recommended him for a promotion (presumably to Commander, which would have meant he would then outrank everyone except Sisko and Kira). Where was he during Way of the Warrior, for example? Did Odo just keep him buried in paperwork all the time?
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