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I have to agree that this does, indeed, look awesome. I was a little ambivalent about the early set photos during construction but the in-camera stuff looks incredible. Ditto the costuming and everything else.

Gonna be a blast to watch this unfold.
It's always a struggle between trying to show some progress and tipping stuff before it's ready. We had photographs of some of our actors in costume, for example, that they weren't all comfortable with and so we didn't post them online. The actors were probably right. Doing these movies, especially on this kind of budget, is all about illusion and that includes lighting and camera angles and everything else.

We've got some shots in camera that we probably won't post until effects are applied to them. We've got imagery that won't be seen until we can present it in the context of a on, and so forth.

And we got by with the Burke chairs.
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