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Re: TOS-Remastered: a waste of time

I have been around long enough to have over the years, as has been shown on local tv stations here and there, TOS as originally aired, and it's been beloved to me as any TOS fan. But I have zero problem with the 'upgrade' or whatever you care to call it. Let's face it, no fx were as gopd then as what can be done today. Do we as said need to go back and redo all those classic films?No. Need we have done so to TOS to make it more palatable-certainly not to us 'old-timers'!LOL.But c' best as it could have been done then-it had its flaws, so, tweaking kills nothing, and,to me, they look great, and don't clash or contradict anything. And the added scenes/ships are further enjoyment. You needn't to have been born twenty years ago to like this alteration, far as I am concerned. I would think that Gene would have loved to have had this level of technical sophistication when his team was churning out his series....
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