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Re: TOS-Remastered: a waste of time

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That's hardly true; there's certainly no evidence that Trek fans are smarter or more discerning than people who don't like it.
No, not anymore.
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No, no they really won't.
Simply because the VFX-shots in Star Trek ('09 film) don't drop in picture-quality like they did in Star Trek (TOS).
Also because it will have been long forgotten by the general public.
You chose the right username
I take it you think the new film is going to create "a whole new generation of fans?" I think not. Star Trek 4 was a bigger blockbuster than the Abrams movie, and most people only have vague recollections of it. "Isn't that the one about the whales?" I liked the movie, but it's not really going to rejuvenate the franchise in the way people think it is. The general public still calls it "Star Trak," and to them it's just another action/fantasy movie like anything else out there. In order to build a strong following, Star Trek will need a new series, something to keep people interested week after week. A movie every couple of years doesn't create fans. It's a momentary diversion before they move on to something else.
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