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Re: Dukat's Fate

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well, sisko's body probably didn't do any better than dukat's in the fire, but he has no use of it as a wormhole resident alien, anyway. for prophets as well as pah-wraiths has time no meaning, i'm not sure serving time imprisoned is a penalty at all. wasn't it stated that the pah-wraiths were imprisoned for the first time 20,000 years ago to the caves, so the necronomicon of kosst amojan must be somewhat older? was there not plenty of time to destroy the thing earlier?
Yep, if it's a matter of physical body being dead - Sisko's is as dead as Dukat's. So if Sisko is not considered dead and can come back in relaunch novels, I don't see where that certainty that Dukat is dead comes from.

My guess is that Dukat is officially considered disappeared. As for his actual fate, it is wide open.
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