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Given Winn is missing you would think they would check out her residence and that is probably slimy with Dukat's DNA. So they would be able to put him on Bajor and maybe tie him to the missing Winn, probably say he kidnap and killed her. Also if they bother to check the firecaves they would find more DNA. Not sure what happened to the poison goblet but if they find that they might come to the conclusion Dukat is dead given his dirty hands and spit are all over it.
Hm...interesting point about the Kai's residence. Now, I am not sure about DNA evidence in the Fire Caves, given the fire and weird energies we saw in there, but that is an interesting pint.

One question...when surgery of the sort that Dukat got is done, though, are there genetic alterations or no? you think there are any recording devices that would've caught Dukat's voice? THAT is something I have a feeling would be recognized. (Example--do you think he was in any public areas on DS9 where a voiceprint could've been captured?)
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