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Re: Michael Eddingtonnnnn....

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I don't believe in "gray zones".
So that makes you a binar, not a human, right?

One of these years people are going to re-realize the world is analog, not digital, and that every issue contains shades of grey.
Perhaps. But I am not one of those people.

And even for those who are: Come on. Just look at Eddington and how he acted. Just because some of his goals might be looked upon by some people (not me) as being somewhat worthwhile, doesn't change the fact that he was a JERK.

Like I said, Chakotay is an example of a Maquis who was truly honorable and actually likeable. But Eddington? Give me a break. Eddington was a weasel and a loser. He was obsessed with himself, and with pissing off Sisko. Chakotay would have none of either of that. Indeed, Chakotay had the moral sense to talk some of his own ex-crew out of mutinying against Janeway. Eddington would have encouraged them, and thus there'd have been chaos. Eddington, like most revolutionaries, thrived on chaos (and ego); Chakotay actually had morals and principles.
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