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Who's got a Wii?

So the kids are asking for a Wii for Christmas, and it looks fun enough for me too...

I got a Wii sports and the fitness plus bounce board, Dance Dance Revolution for the daughter, Cars (ie Pixar) racing & wheel for the youngun and Link's crossbow for all of us.

So what are "must haves" for Wii? What are the lamest things to stay away from?

What about the WiFi attachment? The one I saw attaches to a Windows PC usb and the Wii connects to it? So the Wii has it's own WiFi built in, or I need some other attachment? Is this good/great/essential/useless? What kind of range does the Wii wifi have? Will go from the main floor to the bedroom above (one floor, right over top?)

Any other advice appreciated.
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