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Re: Star Trek: A Rendezvous With Destiny--A Tale of Captain Ezri Dax

^Thanks, Badger! I did once before, I'd split this scene in half, because of a big mood change. Now...

Star Trek: Aventine
A Rendezvous With Destiny
Scene 15.5

Suddenly, an alarm on Spock’s console sounded off. He turned, consulted the information, and turned to Ezri. “I am picking up a Romulan vessel…on an intercept course.”

Ezri frowned. “Identification?”

Spock glanced down at his screen—and looked up, concern on his face. “None, Captain.”

A moment of silence followed, until Ezri spoke the thought that clearly ran through both of their minds.


She whirled to her console. “Our shields are already at maximum—weapons fully charged.” She turned to him. “You sure they’re after us, Spock?”

“Affirmative. They are charging weapons.”

Ezri spun back to her console, hitting a control. “Taking evasive action!”

The shuttle lurched to the right—missing a disruptor beam by a matter of meters.

“Spock—transfer navigation to my console.”

“One moment—done, Captain.”

“Good.” Ezri hit a few more controls, thinking quickly. “Now—send a distress signal directly to Achernar Prime. Tell the empress our location. Explain the situation. Request assistance.”

“Right away, Captain.”

As Spock did so, Ezri struggled to keep the shuttle out of range of the disruptor fire. Under her control, the ship banked hard left—than right—than right again—and left.

Despite her efforts, their attackers scored a hit. The ship rocked around them. Ezri willed herself to keep her focus on her job—and kept evading at random intervals.

“I have sent the distress call,” Spock announced.

“Good. Now—there’s a star system nearby. We’re going in.”

“Of course, Captain.”

“I’m transferring navigation back to your console. I need you to look for an asteroid field. If there isn’t one, I need a planet we can land on—you got that?”

“Yes, Captain.”

Another shot rocked the shuttle. Ezri hit the weapons controls, firing the aft phasers. Then, she banked the shuttle at random intervals once again—right, left-right, up-down, down, right…as they entered the system.

Spock peered into his console. “No asteroid field on sensors. However…I am detecting an M-Class planet—the sixth planet in the system. It is uninhabited.”

So much the better. “Set course!”

“Aye, Captain.”

Another shot rocked the ship. “We are losing power to the aft shields—now at sixty-two percent,” Spock announced.

“Diverting power to compensate….” Ezri narrowed her eyes at the screen. Almost there…almost….

They arrived at the planet—just as another shot hit them. “Thirty-seven percent,” Spock reported.

“Spock, hold on to something—I’m bringing us in!”

Spock did not protest.

Ezri kept firing aft phasers, as the shuttle entered the atmosphere. Proper angle of entry…descent speed…and…

Another shot. “Fourteen percent.”

“I’m still going in,” Ezri announced over the strain of the engines, as they traversed the thermosphere. The ship rattled with what felt to her like the force and intensity of an earthquake.

She tossed a glance to Spock, with a nervous smile. “Be glad I didn’t eat anything since this morning!”

“Considerably, Captain!”

Another shot. Spock turned to her. “Captain—that was directed at our engines.”

“How bad?” Ezri shouted above the noise.

“We are effectively disabled.”

A memory filled her thoughts: The atmosphere of Goralis Three...evading a squadron of Jem'Hadar fighters...the last enemy shot causing a warp core breach. not let that happen to us....

Brushing the fear from her mind, Ezri fired again. The pirates were moving out of range—clearly not in a suicidal state of mind---but she managed to score a few last hits.

But this barely mattered, as she directed her focus towards their landing pattern. Without engines, it was going to be very difficult….

She caught a glimpse on the screen of vast forests filling the surface. Well—something to slow our descent, anyway.

The ground came closer…closer….

“Brace for impact!” she called.

Still closer…. Ezri felt a series of shudders, as the canopy of the forest brushed against the bottom of the craft.


A clearing up ahead. Thank you, I’nora…now please let us reach it in time….


And then…


* * *
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