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The Stealth suit from Anchorage pretty much breaks the game. Maybe you can still be detected at low stealth, but when I used it along with a silenced weapon, I could shoot Super Mutants in the face and they wouldn't be able to find me. It was doubly broken once I got my companion, because I could just waltz through the game and have him do all the work for me.
Oh I'm all up for shooting mutants in the face, although i only have The Pitt left and that's it, all done.

But that was a great run, I love the plasma rifle and the Tesla armour, i just could not put it done yesterday, i looked up at the clock and its 4am in the morning.......what a game.

God i hope we have a Fallout 4 on the way, its up there with Mass effect and Uncharted as must have played games.

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