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Re: 47 Klingon Ships and Uhura

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That's real life vs. fiction to you.

Using coincidences to connect all the plot points and characters is the lamest and most boring way of conceiving a story.
I know, I was just watching this movie on DVD. This kid whose parents were murdered right in front of him just happened to be unfathomably rich and well connected. He was also in perfect physical health and really smart. And guess what, this dude who looks like God, who just happenes to work for his parents' coprporation is like this genius inventor with this room full of gadgets and body armor (and amored jet-car too). And get this ---there just happens to be a bat-cave underneath his family's mansion, that of course, might come in handy one day as a secret lair if this kid ever grows up and wants to fight crime. I mean, this movie whatever it was called, was just full of coincidences like that. It was completly implausible. I can't see how any one could get on board something that requires you suspend your disbelief to such a ridiculous degree.

On a serious note, there were a lot of coincidences in STXi, but up until the Ice Cave bit with Spock, I was aliright with all of them, as they were all a means to an end. And IMHO, a fucking awesome one at that. and even the Ice Cave/Delta Vega sequence is forgivable, because it introduces both Leonard Nimoy and Simon Pegg.

P.S., I love Tara's post. It makes me want to watch the movie again.
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