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Re: War of the Supermen Just Announced!

Badarse St. Nick wrote: View Post
BUUUUUT actually if DC/Warner Brothers doesn't release a new Superman movie by 2011 they will owe damages to the Siegels and Schuster's.
Not true. What will happen is that DC will lose certain movie rights to Superman, and would have to (presumably) pay a certain sum to the Siegel estate (not the Shusters - they are not involved in the Siegel/DC lawsuit) in order to make a Superman movie.

barnaclelapse wrote: View Post
I think some of the guys at Marvel could really do some solid, interesting work with Superman.
Well, technically, John Byrne, Roger Stern, Ron Frenz, Marv Wolfman, Louise Simonson, and many of the others who've worked on Superman post-1986 were former Marvel creators, and they did do some solid, interesting work with Superman...but I know what you mean.
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